The Cocoxim Family Story
An icon is born From coconut
We made our story
The year was 2014, our founder Uc My Dang Huynh was visiting some coconut farms in Bentre - her mom's homeland, she found that the land with many canal and rivers, which is well-known as the largest coconut area in Vietnam can be a great begining for products which represent for Bentre coconut taste. After years of study and work, she founded Cocoxim in 2016 with the mission of making the goodness of the finest coconut water accessible to everyone around the world, the first chapter of Cocoxim was written.
F2F Story
“From our Farmers to your Family”

Vietnam is a blessed land with fertile farm lands and abundant natural resources. Famed locally as the land of Coconuts and Beautiful ladies, Bentre, Vietnam is well-known to supply some of the best quality tropical coconut water to the world.

Hand-picked by our dedicated farmers and packed at the very same source, the most exciting aspect of COCOXIM isn't only the fact that it is a delicious form of natural energy and rehydration, but it carries the purest essence of Bentre coconut for you to share with your loved ones, anywhere.

“Coconut capital”
Vietnam is blessed land with vast coconut plantations renowned for producing one of the world’s best tasting coconut water. Our coconuts come from the region in southern Vietnam called “Ben Tre” where rich soil and tropical climate provide the perfect environment for producing the best quality coconut. The land is often dubbed as the “coconut capital” of Vietnam.
Farmers and
Our eco-friendly sustainable farming program provides jobs for many local farmers while ensuring the safety the surrounding environment. During the cultivation process, we work closely with farmers to ensure our coconuts comply with international quality & organic standards.
Packed at
the Source
Our facility is located right next to the source, allowing coconut water to be packed right after harvesting.
It’s all
about Y’ALL
Utilizing UHT flash heat pasteurization and Tetra Prisma Aseptic packaging, COCOXIM retains all the natural qualities of fresh coconut water and untouched by any kind of preservatives – a dedicated gift from US to YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES.