Betrimex Inspired journey of Ben Tre coconut
     Raw material area
We are committed to produce and deliver the highest-quality products in the interest of public health. We have been developing our own organic material to deliver high quality, "clean & safe" coconuts
raw material source
100% Natural
Only wind, sun and rain can touch our coconuts. And the maiden’s hand that picks them. We try to honour this as much as we can. The raw material is carefully chosen from the best coconut, completely from Ben Tre, the most famous land of coconut which accumulate 40% of the whole country coconut area.
Thank to the more special land condition than other countries in the world. Located at the end of Mekong river downstream and purified by Cuu Long rivers (brackish water).
Ben Tre coconut farming land is the alluvium land full of humus and good bacteria. For this reason, the average productivity of Ben Tre (VN) reaches to
tons copra/ha
which is higher than the average rate of APCC countries.
Oil concentration in Ben Tre coconut is more than
Moreover, the coconut water is very sweet
(brix = 7-9%)
so it’s highly favored.
*APCC only reaches
0.9 tons copra/ha
Philipines, Indonesia
(0.85 tons)
(1.1 tons)
Farmers’ dedication
Every coconut tree is taken care with the heart of farmer.
Well qualified
raw material source
We are aware that Organic material is considered as the future of the hard-working farmers. Recognizing the local people’s love with Ben Tre, Betrimex carries out the organic cultivation program to protect the environment and land eco system, to love the coconut land as the farmers’ love/ This is also the first organic raw material area in Vietnam, certified by Control Union.
To accompany with the farmers and to help them have a better understanding on organic agricultural benefits, Betrimex has conducted the following policies:
Organic cultivation training to support farmers 2 times per year.
Providing consultancy and guidance for farmers to choose the agricultural materials following the organic standards.
Buying price for organic coconut is higher, comparing to ordinary coconut.
Closely supervising a cultivating progress to ensure the quality and productivity of plantation and sustainable agriculture.
Each formula, from coconut water to coconut milk, need to have a right balance of flavours and the very best of ingredients to give it the seal of quality approval.
Our factory with the total area of 7.5 hectares and a maximum capacity of 42 million liters a year utilize the world-leading production line of Tetra Pak Corp (Sweden) and the direct UHT sterilization technology. This is the newest processing technology guaranteeing food safety for consumers while preserving the natural taste of fresh coconut. Therefore, the products’ longevity is lengthened without the use of preservatives or food colors.
All resources of R&D department aim to diversify the products with flexibility and suitability to satisfy each customer's needs.